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A Custom Kitchen Pantry adds significant value to any kitchen renovation! Even if you have a kitchen renovation already in progress, and just realized that you are missing space to put all of your kitchen supplies, Royal Spray Finishes can help!

At Royal Spray Finishes, we are experts in designing absolutely stunning kitchen storage solutions. Whether those solutions take the shape or form of a custom pantry, or perhaps a cabinet style solution, you will be blown away by the quality and function of what we can design and build!

A kitchen pantry can take virtually any shape or form. First, you can have a walk-in pantry. Essentially the extra room is either added by taking a bit out from the rest of the house, or the space is accounted for before the kitchen tear-down begins for a full renovation. A walk-in pantry allows for amazing storage, but there needs to be enough sq/ft to fit one.

Another type of kitchen pantry is a slide-out pantry. This style most often looks like (or fully matches) your cabinets, but is designed to slide out and feature many shelves for storage. A slide-out pantry is perfect for spaces where there is just no room for a walk-in pantry or cabinet style solutions.

We can design & build any type of pantry a customer could want! And of course we can build a pantry to specifications from a ready made design by an interior designer or builder.

We work with interior designers, builders, and homeowners and we can make virtually any custom pantry design a reality! Our custom process includes top-of-the-line quality pantry construction, factory quality finishing, custom color staining, and expert installation!

Royal Spray Finishes can also design & build

  • Custom Kitchen Cabinets
  • Custom Kitchen Storage Units
  • Custom Kitchen Islands
  • Custom Kitchen Wet Bars
  • Custom Kitchen Shelving Units

Why work with Royal Spray Finishes?

Royal Spray works with high-end finish products from Germany that do not contain Formaldehyde. The chemical Formaldehyde (also known as Formol), used in cheaper finishing products, was labelled a known carcinogen in 2011 by the US National Toxicology Program. At Royal Spray we have known the dangers of chemicals such as Formaldehyde for many years, and always recommend to our customers the safest products for their project.

Our client list includes Shangri-La, Hilton, Sheraton, and Lululemon! How would you like to get the same quality of service that these big companies have enjoyed from Royal Spray Finishes in your own home?

Why customers choose Royal Spray Finishes for custom kitchen cabinets in Vancouver:

  • Free no obligation estimates!
  • Affordable prices no matter what the project!
  • No hidden fees or surprise fees!
  • Outstanding service & craftsmanship!

Royal Spray also does

  • Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing
  • Kitchen Cabinet Staining
  • Kitchen Cabinet Repairs
  • Kitchen Cabinet Repainting
  • Kitchen Cabinet Modifications

Our Service Areas Include: Vancouver, West Vancouver, North Vancouver, White Rock, Richmond, Burnaby, Maple Ridge, Surrey, Delta, & New West.

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