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Is Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing considered a renovation? Absolutely! If you are planning to sell your home, but need a fast, budget-based kitchen renovation, kitchen cabinet refinishing can’t be beat!

Your kitchen cabinets will look like new, from top to bottom! Customers save on old cabinet disposal fees and the price of brand new cabinets (not to mention design fees that would go along with most kitchen renovations)! Re-using your original cabinets is also green, and helps the environment!

How does this type of renovation work? Well, our customers save an average of 50-80% of the budget as opposed to purchasing brand new custom cabinets, related installation, and disposal of the old kitchen parts!

The huge amount of money saved then can go towards new appliances, kitchen flooring, and so on!

If you are selling your home, new home-buyers will never be able to tell that you actually re-used older cabinets in your renovation, and the nicer appliances will provide a big boost to raise the value of your kitchen renovation, giving you a much better return on your investment!

When you save money on your cabinets and re-invest that money into better appliances and counter-tops, the kitchen looks and feels much more premium than if you just ordered very expensive custom cabinets and had basic appliances installed!

How often do you hear that designers cannot re-use existing cabinets, and everything is ripped out with the homeowner footing the bill? What if your designer actually came to you and tried to save you money? Would that not feel great?

Royal Spray Finishes cares about the client first, and that’s why our clients come to us for amazing kitchen cabinet refinishing renovations in Vancouver!

And if you don’t have a designer and need help with cabinet modification, colour selection, and layout configuration, our in-house design service does just that!

Royal Spray Finishes can modify your existing cabinets to fit certain layout changes, and because we are experts, letting us help you with the design will quickly allow us to determine what is possible or not with your existing kitchen cabinets!

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing is done on-site using a sealed system so your house stays dust free while we work! This allows homeowners to track progress as well as consult with us (in real time and on-site) regarding the work. Royal Spray Finishes uses German finishes that are both long-lasting and also safe for the customer and the environment.

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Options:

  • Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing
  • Kitchen Cabinet Staining
  • Kitchen Cabinet Painting
  • Kitchen Cabinet Modifications
  • Kitchen Cabinet Repairs

How does this work?

Our specialists come on-site and seal off your kitchen from the rest of the house. We then strip the existing cabinets of their old finish, and refinish them so they look like new. Once that is complete we stain or paint the cabinets with the colour chosen by the customer. Staining results in a deep bold look with the wood grain showing through, while painting allows for bold designer style colors. The final product can be glossy or matte!

Why work with Royal Spray Finishes?

Royal Spray works with high-end finish products from Germany that do not contain Formaldehyde. The chemical Formaldehyde (also known as Formol), used in cheaper finishing products, was labelled a known carcinogen in 2011 by the US National Toxicology Program.

At Royal Spray we have known the dangers of chemicals such as Formaldehyde for many years, and always recommend to our customers the safest products for their project.

Our client list includes Shangri-La, Hilton, Sheraton, and Lululemon! How would you like to get the same quality of service that these big companies have enjoyed from Royal Spray Finishes in your own home?

Did we mention that our prices are affordable for everyone? That’s right, just because we have 5-star clients, it does not mean we are expensive! In fact, big companies contact us constantly because of our simple pricing model that is affordable for all.

Royal Spray Finishes is the place to go for finishing and here’s why:

  • Free no obligation estimates!
  • Affordable prices no matter what the project!
  • No hidden fees or surprise fees!
  • Outstanding service & craftsmanship!

Our Service Areas Include: Vancouver, West Vancouver, North Vancouver, White Rock, Richmond, Burnaby, Maple Ridge, Surrey, Delta, & New West.

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