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Staircase Refinishing & Staining helps the budget enormously when your staircase needs an update! Why refinish & stain your existing staircase? This service is the perfect way to update worn out staircases, damaged staircases, or changing the look to fit a new interior design theme.

Rebuilding staircases from scratch is very expensive. Older staircases with custom treads could also lead to sticker shock for those seeking brand new stair treads, as they can get extremely expensive and take time to manufacture!

Our service allows for staircases to be fully updated, while saving an average of 50-80% of the budget as opposed to purchasing brand new staircase treads and related installation. In addition, you lower your carbon footprint and help the environment by refreshing the look of your existing staircase as opposed to building a whole new one!

Staircase Refinishing is done on-site! So all you have to do is call us in and we’ll take care of the rest!

We also finish brand new staircases, railings, and treads in-shop in our Coquitlam location! Royal Spray Finishes uses German finishes that are both long lasting and also safe for the customer and the environment.

Staircase Refinishing & Staining Services:

  • Full Staircase Refinishing & Staining
  • Staircase Railings Refinishing & Staining
  • Staircase Tread Refinishing & Staining
  • Staircase Repairs

We refinish and stain any type of staircase, even the older ones with lots of ornaments on them. In fact some of the more classic staircases have such amazing craftsmanship that was lost through wear and tear, that customers are amazed at how beautiful the staircase looks once we refinish and stain it in a color of their choice!

Why work with Royal Spray Finishes?

Royal Spray works with high-end finish products from Germany that do not contain Formaldehyde. The chemical Formaldehyde (also known as Formol), used in cheaper finishing products, was labelled a known carcinogen in 2011 by the US National Toxicology Program.

At Royal Spray we have known the dangers of chemicals such as Formaldehyde for many years, and always recommend to our customers the safest products for their project.

Our clients include Shangri-La, Hilton, Sheraton, and Lululemon! How would you like to get the same quality of service and refinishing that these big companies have enjoyed from Royal Spray Finishes in your own home? We do kitchen renovations, kitchen cabinet resurfacing, antique furniture restoration, and much more!

Did we mention that our prices are affordable for everyone? That’s right, just because we have 5-star clients, it does not mean we are expensive! In fact, big companies contact us constantly because of our simple pricing model that is affordable for all.

Royal Spray Finishes is the place to go for finishing and here’s why:

  • Free no obligation estimates!
  • Affordable prices no matter what the project!
  • No hidden fees or surprise fees!
  • Outstanding service & craftsmanship!

Our Service Areas Include: Vancouver, West Vancouver, North Vancouver, White Rock, Richmond, Burnaby, Maple Ridge, Surrey, Delta, & New West.

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