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Royal Spray Finishes designs & builds Custom Kitchens! Kitchens of today don’t have to be boring! Gorgeous curves, built-in HDTV’s, LED mood lights, and built-in speakers are just some of the things that can be added to your kitchen today. Not in 5 years, but right now! Welcome to your future kitchen!

We can look after the entire process (kitchen design, tear-down, material selection, installation) or look after a specific portion of the kitchen renovation project. Royal Spray understands the need for a kitchen renovation company in Vancouver that can work to the needs of the customer, and not the other way around.

Some customers for example want to purchase their own appliances to avoid builder and interior designer mark-ups on those appliances. At Royal Spray Finishes, we can design, create, and install just your kitchen cabinets, giving the customer the option to take care of the rest on their own, and save some money by doing so! There are very few kitchen renovation companies in Vancouver that offer such flexibility!

How does the design & build process work for Custom Kitchens?

First, we are more than happy to make the kitchen based on your own design, or one provided by your interior designer! Some customers just bring us a photo of what they want, and we work from there (this also saves customers any design fees).

Our own design process is a little bit different from that of an interior designer. We work on the design with the customer, taking their input and merging it with our expertise. There is no drama during this process which can sometimes occur when working with a very pushy interior designer, often creating rifts in choices of colours and materials. With Royal Spray, if you want your kitchen green, it will be green! If you want pink mood lighting or a ceiling that looks like stars above your kitchen, you will have it!

Because the customer will have a huge part in the kitchen design process when working with Royal Spray Finishes, our design fees are thousands less than what interior designers usually charge!

We start with a visit to the property, and discuss with the customer what their needs are, what kinds of materials the customer wants, how modern the kitchen should be, where the LED mood lights will go, etc. Initial photographs of the site and sketches are made, and then our professional designer sits down with the customer and draws up the design!

That’s right, we all get to sit down together to get all the ideas/sketches down on paper. This process can take an hour, or a few hours, but in the end, all of the ideas will be recorded. Then, Royal Spray Finishes will price out all the items the customer wants, and present the customer with a final design draft. If the customer likes everything, then a work schedule is drafted and work begins!

Royal Spray Finishes Custom Kitchen Design & Build Process

  • Consultation
  • Design Drafts & Ideas (with customer)
  • Final Design & Pricing
  • Customer’s Final Approval
  • Work Schedule



Can I re-use existing kitchen cabinets?

Contrary to what an interior designer or builder may tell you, Royal Spray Finishes is able to re-use your existing cabinets for nearly every project where a customer has asked us to do so! Re-using your existing cabinets can limit the design potential, however the cost savings will be significant (at least a few thousand dollars). Not only can we re-use your existing kitchen cabinets, but we can also refinish them, stain them into a new color, or repaint them!

We can also change the handles on kitchen cabinets, swap out the kitchen cabinet doors, repair broken/damaged kitchen cabinets, insert glass panels, and modify kitchen cabinets to fit a new design! Interior designers are not always aware of just how much can actually be done with your existing kitchen cabinets! By re-using your original kitchen cabinets you are also contributing to a lower carbon footprint, and helping the environment!

Why work with Royal Spray Finishes?

Royal Spray works with high-end finish products from Germany that do not contain Formaldehyde. The chemical Formaldehyde (also known as Formol), used in cheaper finishing products, was labelled a known carcinogen in 2011 by the US National Toxicology Program. At Royal Spray we have known the dangers of chemicals such as Formaldehyde for many years, and always recommend to our customers the safest products for their project.

Our client list includes Shangri-La, Hilton, Sheraton, and Lululemon! How would you like to get the same quality of service that these big companies have enjoyed from Royal Spray Finishes in your own home?

Why customers choose Royal Spray Finishes for kitchen renovations in Vancouver

  • Free no obligation estimates!
  • Affordable prices no matter what the project!
  • No hidden fees or surprise fees!
  • Outstanding service & craftsmanship!

Our Service Areas Include: Vancouver, West Vancouver, North Vancouver, White Rock, Richmond, Burnaby, Maple Ridge, Surrey, Delta, & New West.

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